cremas gourmet
cremas gourmet


Thoth in the ancient egypt, among other attributes, was the god of wisdom. He inspired our brand which stands for the importance of food and combines nutrition with awareness.


Inumerable experiments have shown that foods stored in a pyramid preserve their properties and are durable for a longer time, which we have experienced ourselves. Our products are kept in a pyramid with the proportions of Cheops, oriented northward. The design of our pyramid-shaped packaging also follows these proportions. This ensures the perfect molecular structure of the food. Our goal is to spread the manifold benefits and applications of the pyramids. More information: See our video


We are aware of the importance of a healthy and balanced diet and give priority to quality and taste. The dried fruit and nuts come from small producers and farmers from La Mancha and the Mediterranean. Our products are 100% natural and contain no additives, preservatives or colourings.

Ecology And Awareness

Our values are integrity, cooperation and respect for everyone and for the environment. The company profit will be donated to the Thothalife foundation, which dedicates itself to reforestation of semi-arid land and will investigate the effect of the pyramid on food manufacture.