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We pack our products in an original packaging as you have never seen it before. The design of our packaging keeps the proportions of the pyramid of Keops which garantees the perfect molecular structure of the food.

Finding the perfect gift for that one special person can be a really difficult task; a birthday, a job promotion, a romantic relationship or, why not, a simple gesture of affection and admiration inherent in any date. Giving someone a present is much more than buying an object and giving it to an individual. In recent years, and as a consequence of the easy access we have to any product in the world, the act of giving has become almost an art.

Aware of this situation, from Thoth Alimentación we have made a notable effort to incorporate into our product catalog a rigorous selection of products specially designed to conquer the most demanding palates. In order to do so, we have taken special care in each of the details that make up our products. Do you want to know more about our selection of original gifts?

An original packaging for a delicatessen gift

The packaging of a product is the first thing that catches our attention. For us, who demand the highest quality in the preparation of each of the gourmet references that you can find in our catalog, it does not make sense that the packaging does not go according to its interior.

For this reason, we pack all our products as gifts in a pyramid-shaped container. Which keeps the proportions of the pyramid of Cheops, ensuring a perfect molecular structure.

At the same time, in addition to its function as a packaging, it also perfectly protects the product that is inside. We use a specially designed paper to be able to fulfill a double function: to be as aesthetic as functional. This is the only way can we ensure the best possible scenario according to all the needs you have.

In a gourmet product that has been prepared with the utmost care, the packaging cannot do anything other than advance in parallel towards it.

A gourmet gift to conquer any palate

It is no secret that the exquisite and tasting details have been gaining popularity in recent months. Historically related to corporate gifts, they have managed to break down any barrier to establish themselves as one of the most popular options in the private sphere.

Life is full of moments that deserve to be remembered. We know it well in Thoth. For this reason, we have made a notable effort to choose the best option to meet all the needs you may have according to the vital moment you have to face.

On our website you can find a special section dedicated to those special details that have become the best option to offer an unforgettable product to our loved ones. Above the material gifts, those details that are specially designed to conquer our senses have taken center stage in recent years.

The excellence demonstrated by our team of experts when preparing each of the products that we have on our website has consolidated us as one of the best opportunities you can choose when making a gift to live up to your expectations.

In addition, in case of doubt, we have a team of experts in customer service. They will be in charge of answering each of the questions that arise throughout the product selection process. What are you waiting for to seduce your palate with some of our gifts?