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Faithfully committed to the acquisition of a series of balanced habits at the health level, from Thoth we are committed to the production of high quality gourmet nut creams. In our desire to offer our customers a series of products specially designed to meet all their nutritional needs, all our creams are made from the work of small producers and farmers from the Manchegan and the Mediterranean countryside.

This way, we focus our efforts on making our products 100% natural and, at the same time, we avoid the use of additives or preservatives. As pointed out by the Spanish Healthy Eating Guide of the Spanish Society for Community Nutrition, nuts have a high energy power, as well as a significant amount of unsaturated fatty acids and fiber. Conforming two of the best options we can choose.

Why choose gourmet nut creams

One of the main peculiarities that differentiate our creams from any other options on the market is that we only use 100% natural nuts. In addition, we carry out important research work to be able to choose only those suppliers that assure us the maximum guarantees of quality. During the entire process of making the nuts that make up our creams, sugars are avoided, as well as preservatives or additives of any kind.

The ultimate goal we have is to provide our customers with a product that not only gives off great flavor, but it is also capable of having a 100% positive impact on our body.

Our team focuses on improving people’s quality of life, as well as obtaining a more than positive impact on your body.

Benefits of including our nut creams in your diet

Among the innumerable advantages that emerges from this whole process, there are three main elements that should be highlighted:

  • At the health level we are in front of one of the most beneficial products for your body. Different scientific studies have shown that regular consumption of our gourmet nut creams helps to control cholesterol levels, as well as preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, its high content of antioxidants has transformed our product into one of the best options we can choose for our diet.
  • Without doubt, we are in front of the most versatile products that you can find in your pantry. The only limit of the gourmet nut creams that you can find in our product catalog is your imagination. Serving at the same time as a companion to your main dish, as a starter in any meal and other multiple options. The large number of flavors and textures you can find on our website is an example of our excellent commitment to versatility. being one of the best options we can choose.
  • Quality: We offer a product that does not have added sugars, oils or preservatives. This way, we are not only ensuring a flavor that respects the essence of the dried fruit in question, but we are also making a significant investment in health. Preventing any negative component in our body.

As you can see, Thoth nut creams are one of the best options you can choose. In our catalog, you can see what all our different flavors are. In addition, we have a customer service team that can help you solve any doubts you may have. What are you waiting for to trust our services?