Almond Mousse 180 g



Mousse of 100 % roasted and ground almonds, without additional oils, without preservatives, no sweetener or colourings. Good source of protein and rich in vitamin E, fiber, folic acid and calcium. Creamy texture and intense taste of freshly roasted almonds.

100 % spanish almonds

Suggestion for consumption
Perfect for combining with (toasted) bread or other pastries, combined with fruits, jams or honey. For salads with almond, soy or olive oil dressings. For cooking with chicken or meet and to prepare oriental dishes Perfect to accompany vegetable sticks, and is great for bases or dessert toppings. Or just pure.

180 g

Nutritional information
Per 100 g: Energy 2719 kcal; Calorific value 656 kcal; Fats 54.1 g; Saturated fats 5.3 g; Carbohydrates 18.4 g; Sugar 7.1 g; Proteins 23.9 g; Salt 7.5 mg


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