Hazelnut Mousse 180 g


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Hazelnut Mousse
100% mousse of roasted and ground hazelnuts, made without additional oils, without preservatives, sweeteners or colourings. Hazelnuts have a rich amount of healthy fats that can help protect the cardiovascular system. Source of vitamin E and vitamin B2, antioxidants and flavonoids. Creamy texture and intense flavor of freshly roasted hazelnuts.

100% Hazelnuts Origin Spain

Suggestion for consumption
Perfect for combining fruits, dessert covers or biscuits. Also to spread on toasted bread or cookies, jams or honey. To accompany salads, with almond oil, soy or olive dressings.
When cooking it can be used for chicken or meat and to prepare oriental dishes.

180 gr

Nutritional information
Per 100 g: Energy 2748 kcal; Energy Value 715 kcal; Fat 69 g, Saturated fat 5.7 g; Carbohydrates 3.2 g; Sugars 10.2 g; Proteins 15 g; Salt 0 mg


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